for anyone who is following me on Twitter, you might have caught on that i was had a little spat with one of my all-time favorite photographers.

it started with her little comment about how “being a virgin teenager is like an endangered species” (she’d retweeted the lovely sentiment, to be more correct). i was rather ticked off, because at first i had assumed it was some kind of bad joke.

it wasn’t.

i tweeted back and it was a back and forth ==civilized== discussion, and we finally came to the conclusion that she had no intention of slut-shaming anyone and we stopped at that.

here’s my point: if you’re a woman, stop being so inclined to view other women the way society expects you to: you do not gain or lose value depending on whether or you’re a virgin, and you need to stop calling each other sluts because that’s never okay. secondly, it’s worth handing out your two cents and having a civilized discussion without resorting to cheap name-calling.

i still respect Sophia Alvarado very much because she is an incredible artist, and someone who i believe has a lot of respect for people because she didn’t immediately jump down my throat for having a contrasting opinion. i’m hungry now.