I see you.

I see the way your smile falters after everyone’s almost done laughing at a joke, and I see the way you look around the room, unsure of what you want to find. I see the way you shrug off compliments and people say you’re humble, but really, you just don’t think you deserve them to begin with.

I see you. I see you and the way you cast a sidelong glance at your phone or at that couple walking out the cafe and I see the way your hand brushes your chest when someone brings up your ex’s name. You’re too cold to approach, and I don’t have the social skills to reach out to you, but I do see you.

And sometimes I’d walk past you and wish I could pull you back and tell you that shit gets better. I’d tell you how quietly amazing you are, and I’d tell you I’ve been dying to just kickback over coffee with you. I’d tell you that after all this time, I saw you. For you. And that sometime I feel as invisible as you do in this crowded world.

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