Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you were the one who carried you through the heartache. You are the one who sits with the cold body on the shower floor, and picks it up. You are the one who feeds it, who clothes it, who tucks it into bed, and you should be proud of that. Having the strength to take care of yourself when everyone around you is trying to bleed you dry, that is the strongest thing in the universe.

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He calls me ‘princess’ because I’m high maintainance and am full of myself and have an affinity for avoiding anything taxing like people or unnecessary work. He knows that I hate being scolded or told what to do but won’t give it a second thought when I give orders to others.

But the way he calls me ‘princess’ is so enduring and uttered with such love that none of that matters and when he says that word it makes me just a little bit weak at the knees.

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"Do not tell me you’re still sleeping." I peek at my phone with one eye barely open and groan.

"It’s still early!" I complain.

I hear E click his tongue. “It’s bloody noon and I’m downstairs. Open up!”

I scramble off the bed and trip over last night’s aftermath: boots, a denim skirt and a top that upon reflection I completely regret. Somehow I make it to the door but it takes five tries before I’m able to undo the lock and chain. He’s standing there in a too-bright shirt with an even chirpier expression on his face.

"I hate you, " I say, as way of greeting him. He sidesteps me and walks in, throwing me a backward glance with his eyebrow raised.

"You look like crap," he comments, nodding to the hot mess that is my hair. I quickly look over at the mirror and it takes a full minute before I could recognize myself. My eyes were bloodshot, the shadows on my face made me look like the undead and I still had hair plastered on either side of my face.

I groan. How did this even happen in one night?

"You cannot possibly go out in public looking like that," he continues.

I look at him. “I wasn’t planning on it,” I point out.

"You are because we’re going to grab breakfast and you’re going to tell me all about this new eye candy you’ve been so busy with. And you have five minutes because I’m supposed to be catching a flight interstate in two hours." I stand there and stared at him as he sits at my desk with an air of complete nonchalance.

"What?" I finally manage to stutter.

"Four minutes dude, hurry up." And that’s how my friend manages to drag me out of bed when I was running on three hours of sleep.

He drives me to a smoothie bar and ends up interrogating me for two hours about Lee. He buys me breakfast and promptly drops me off home to catch his flight, but not before making me promise that I would introduce them to one another when he gets back.

I literally all but collapse when I finally come back home, but there’s this undeniably warm feeling in the pit of my stomach knowing that I had someone in my life who was constantly looking out for me. Dramatic and abrasive as he was, E is my best friend away from home and I was grateful.

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darts don’t even taste that good without you to enjoy them with.

hurry home.

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hurry home i miss you kid.

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Taking a break on binging on #bobsburgers #vknggoestovietnam #saigon #ravenhaired

Taking a break on binging on #bobsburgers #vknggoestovietnam #saigon #ravenhaired

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i never question how you feel about me. even though you left yesterday to perform, you still message and call me throughout the day just to let me know you’re thinking about me.

in not so many words, you tell me you miss me and can’t wait to see me again soon.

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  1. You’re doing 90% of the things you said you’ll never do when you were 16.
  2. Helping your mum around the house doesn’t make you her slave. After all, every superhero needs a trusty sidekick.
  3. No one drinks alcohol because they like it.
  4. Coffee doesn’t keep you awake, the habit of drinking it does.
  5. “Growing up” and “taking responsibility” is not the same thing. You can do one without the other.
  6. There are days when chocolate is a perfectly acceptable meal.
  7. Your mother admits she doesn’t always know what’s best for you.
  8. You stop wasting your kisses.
  9. Word “cool” takes on a completely different meaning than it did in high school.
  10. Some people who haven’t touched a book in years start enjoying reading as much as they did when they were 8.
  11. You never tell your younger sibling they’re annoying when they talk about things that interest them. You’ve learned that’s one of the worst feelings in the world.
  12. You find yourself teaching your parents about life, not the other way around.
  13. College is not all that different from high school.
  14. There are still cliques and means girls and popular kids and those less popular.
  15. But you are different. You don’t want to just fit in anymore, you want to belong. You don’t want to stretch yourself to fit into someone else’s skin.
  16. Friends you find in college are most likely for life.
  17. You start fighting stereotypes.
  18. “I love you” loses its dramatic flair. It becomes something you need to hear as much as something you need to say.
  19. You learn that some clichés are real and good - that’s how they became clichés in the first place.
  20. Sometimes, 10pm is way too late to go out.
  21. Or to do anything but sleep.
  22. Your love life is still a soap opera, just with a volume turned down.
  23. People start taking you seriously, whereas a year ago you were still just a child to them. Sometimes you feel cheated out of life because of that.
  24. There are things you start looking forward to as much as when you were a child.
  25. Like Christmas.
  26. And Summer.
  27. And ice cream.
  28. World becomes a never ending hallway of possibilities.
  29. Some days you feel too small, or too big, for your own body.
  30. You don’t mind being yourself because you finally start discovering yourself. It’s new. It’s exciting. It’s like visiting a city you’ve seen in pictures, but they’ve never quite felt right.
  31. Society is messed up.
  32. People in magazines don’t even look human.
  33. Crowds don’t seem so crowded anymore, because there’s always someone you know, or someone you would like to meet.
  34. One month words on paper and scenes on television are so mesmerizing that you don’t leave the house.
  35. The other you start forgetting how your room looks like.
  36. Beauty is everywhere.
  37. Desire to travel rises in you like a hot air balloon.
  38. You don’t postpone studying anymore. You want to get it over with. You want to live.
  39. You use sarcasm more than in any other period of your life.
  40. You get tired of waiting for a cute girl/boy to like you back.
  41. You do something about it.
  42. There are worst things out there than rejection.
  43. Spontaneity.
  44. Confidence boost.
  45. Everyone knows how to dance. Even those who don’t have a clue about it.
  46. Growing older doesn’t seem so scary anymore.
  47. At 26 you feel the same as you did at 22.
  48. You do things you’re going to be too ashamed to tell your children about.
  49. Tequila shots.
  50. Strip poker.
  51. Making out with a complete stranger.
  52. Eating a box of ice cream at 3am.
  53. Watching a whole season of a television show in one day.
  54. Having a Marvel marathon.
  55. Thinking that a box of pizza and six hours of playing a video game is a perfect date.
  56. Take a risk.
  57. Visit a theater every once in a while.
  58. Or a museum.
  59. Go vine tasting.
  60. Or poetry reading.
  61. Join a club. You never know what, or who, you’re going to find there.
  62. Go to a protest.
  63. Join a cause.
  64. You experience heartbreak on a completely other level.
  65. Happiness takes on a new form.
  66. Sometimes it’s everywhere.
  67. Other times it’s nowhere to be found.
  68. You don’t want this period of your life to ever end.
  69. You have a feeling it won’t.

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I mean, I hope you’re happy,
But the sky is still the sky without you,
And I’m not surprised by that anymore.

Caitlyn Siehl, from This is Not a Love Poem (via alonesomes)

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"this is what i’m wearing to my presentation today."

i was webcamming with my mother who, between her lunch break and organizing my sister’s formal, felt it necessary to approve my attire choices. the presentations were always a knots-in-my-stomach situation, and her need to assess what i was wearing didn’t seem to help my nerves. surprisingly.

"you’ve lost too much weight, Vk." i cringe inwardly, because it was the last thing i wanted to hear.

i absent-mindedly pull at my arms. “it’s the heat here,” i try to explain, again. “and the food is so light that it’s honestly difficult not to.”

she presses. “maybe you should take a break from this. go on a holiday or something. you really don’t look well.” her concerned tone made my heart ache.

i look away.”i’m fine, mum,” i insist. i can tell from her grainy expression that she didn’t buy a word i was saying.

"i’m worried about you. you’re so pale and thin now, and every time i see the photos you post up you look tired and worn out."

"things will get better soon," i tell her. "for the first time in my life i’m doing what i have always wanted to do. and i am happy. even if it doesn’t seem like it now." i bite down on the side of my lips as she looks at me sadly. it feels as though my chest would explode.

exasperated, and desperate not to have my health scrutinized any longer, i try to end the call. “i have to go, mum. i’ll call you tonight okay? i love you.”

"please take care of yourself when i’m not able to."

i log off my account before she has a chance to make another suggestion. her concern made it hard to keep up the grueling work, because every day i spend amongst board members and potential investors, i hate my work a little more.

food didn’t taste as good and a decent sleep was few and far in between. if it wasn’t for my mentor and Lee, i would be in a lot more trouble than i was now.

i was finally pursuing something i was passionate about. i just didn’t know how much i was prepared to give up for it.

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i’ve been walking around naked in my apartment all day it’s the best thing i’ve done for myself in years i love life.

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"i get lonely almost as quickly as i get sick of people."

-nate musk

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